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Resources for Faculty

This page is intended to be a clearinghouse--links to all the resources you need without having to search for them. Please be sure to email me your suggestions for additions!--Julie

General Resources:

ADP (payroll, sick leave, and benefits as of July 2009)
Arts & Sciences / Faculty Handbook

Calendar Pointer / Term Schedule
Dynamic Bulletin
Policies and Procedures
SIS Department Directory
SIS Department Minutes
Current SPSU Catalog (in the navigation on the left)
Older SPSU Catalogs (1998-99 through 2008-2009)
University Committee, Senate, and General Faculty Meeting Minutes (this is up-to-date; older stuff is in the Faculty Minutes Archive)
USG Academic Affairs Handbook
USG Policy Manual of the Board of Regents (USG P&Ps)
Who to ask? (pdf list of names and contact info)

Teaching / Course Administration:

Banner Web (turn in engagement reports, grades; get your rosters . . . )
Department Book Orders
Department Directory
Coordinators (lead faculty members for majors, minors, certificates, and concentrations)
Grade Change Forms (available in the department only)
Graduating Seniors (pdf of Steve's email on how to know who they are--and thus which grades have to be in early)
Incomplete Form
Individual Course Assessment (ICA)
Lab Information
Lab Schedule
Learning Outcomes

Syllabus Archive
Syllabus Guide
Video Collection Index
WebCT/Vista Access
Withdrawal Information and Forms

Relevant P&PS:

304.0 Course Objectives, Grading, and Evaluation of Students' Performance (03/94)
304.5 Grade Appeals for Courses (09/02)
455.0 Student Administrative Withdrawals (03/02)
460.0 Disabled Students (04/97)


Individual Course Assessment (ICA)
Learning Outcomes
Current SPSU Catalog (in the navigation on the left)--for course descriptions

Department-Level Assessment

Campus Assessment Resources:

Core Assessment Reports


Advising Check-Sheets:
Core Worksheet (pdf)
International Studies ( core / major / concentration descriptions)
Political Science ( core & major )
Psychology ( core / major incl. tracks )
Which language course to start with? L2 Advising Guide

Course Rotation Pages:
International Studies

Political Science

Other Resources:
Advising Procedure

Banner Advisor PDF Guide (pdf)
Core Worksheet (pdf)
Dynamic Bulletin
E-core registration info
Language Policy
for IS majors who are international students
Two-Year Plan Form
Web Reports (Banner Advisor)--campus access; use Hornet Connect to access from off campus

Relevant P&PS:

308.0 Academic Advising (08/02)

Department Information:

Department Directory
Library Acquisitions
Programs Page (majors, minors, certificates, lecture series, study abroad)
Meeting Minutes
Department Summer Teaching Policy
University Summer Pay Information

Promotion and Tenure; Reappointment; Evaluation of Faculty:

A&S Faculty Evaluation Page (forms!)
Arts and Sciences Promotion and Tenure Page
Academic Affairs Reappointment Page (forms!)
Academic Affairs Promotion and Tenure Page (forms!)

Recognize a colleague doing a great job: Outstanding Faculty Nomination Form: (Word)

Relevant P&PS:

803.0 Reappointment of Untenured Faculty Members
803.01 Employment of Temporary Faculty
803.0202 Graduate Assistantship Administration
803.03 Reassigned Time for Administrative Responsibilities
803.05 Employment of Part-Time Faculty
803.06 Resignation, Termination, and Dismissal of Faculty
803.07 Evaluation of Faculty
803.0701 Student Evaluation of Faculty
803.075 Faculty Activities
803.078 Faculty Resume Preparation
803.09 Faculty Promotion and Tenure
803.0901 Granting of Probationary Credit Toward Tenure
803.0904 Pre-Tenure Review
803.0905 Post-Tenure Review


Federal per diem rates--for out of state travel
Travel request and expense forms--scroll down to the bottom AND check the link on the left
State travel rules and per diem (meals)

Relevant P&PS:

706.0 Travel Regulations

Technical Resources:

Banner Web
Buy Software for Home Use
Campus Directory--look up contact info for faculty, staff, or students
DoIT Services for Faculty
Dynamic Bulletin

Electronic Account Management--your campus password, "away" message for email
Hornet Connect
--off-campus access; does NOT work with Firefox!
HR Self-Service for pay stubs, etc. BEFORE July 2009
ADP (payroll, sick leave, and benefits as of July 2009)
Shortel Guide (pdf)
Zimbra (campus email and calendar system)
Web Reports--campus access
Submit a Work Order
Visual Identity--official SPSU logo, PowerPoint templates, etc.

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