Completing the Course Substitution Petition
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  • Follow these steps to successfully complete your petition form.
    • Obtain the light blue form that has the title "Petition to the Faculty:  Course Substitution" from the Admissions office.
    • Section 1:  Be sure to complete each item in the section box.  Items include name, address, phone numbers, social security number, and major.
    • Section 2:  First, give the course number and name as it would appear in the catalog or bulletin (ex:  Math 1111  College Algebra).  Also give the quarter/semester and year you took this course, along with the name of the university in which you took the course. Next, write the name and number for the course taken at SPSU that you wish to replace.  Last, state the reason(s) you wish to substitute the first course you listed for the the second course.  The most common reason is for graduation purposes.
    • Section 3:  Read the agreement and sign.
    • Section 4:  You need the signature of the course department head only if you are requesting a course substitution for a required course taught outside your major department.
    • Section 5:  Obtain the signature of your major department head.  This is always required!
    • Section 6 (labeled OFFICE USE):  Do nothing.  This is for the faculty to complete.
    • Do not tear off your copy yet.  You still need the last section completed.
    • Submit your completed petition to the Registrar's office.

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