Southern Polytechnic State University
Policy and Procedure Manual
P&P Number:  455.0
Original Date: July 1984
Previous Revisions: None
Approved: March 29, 2002
Student Administrative Withdrawals

Contents This P&P includes the following main sections:
  • Background
  • Circumstances for withdrawal
  • Guidelines on withdrawal
  • Guidelines on hardship refunds
  • Procedure for hardship refunds

Background Circumstances may arise requiring that a student be administratively withdrawn from the university.  This P&P gives the rationale for such a decision and the guidelines for its implementation.

Circumstances for
A student may be administratively withdrawn from the university it has been determined that he or she suffers from a physical, mental, emotional or psychological health condition which:
(a) Poses a significant danger or threat of physical harm to the student or to the person or property of others; or
(b) Causes the student to interfere with the rights of other members of the university community or with the exercise of any proper activities or functions of the university or its personnel; or
(c) Causes the student to be unable to meet institutional requirements for continued enrollment, as defined in the student conduct code and other publications of the university.

The decision concerning administrative withdrawal is made by the dean of students, in consultation with the director of the career and counseling center and director of judicial affairs, the involved faculty member(s), and, when appropriate, other professional medical and psychological resources provided by the parents of the student.

Guidelines on
  1. In consideration of the Buckley Amendment (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974), parents of dependent students can be consulted on a medical withdrawal action without the student's permission. Consultation with parents of independent students can occur if knowledge of the situation is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals.
  2. Except in emergency situations, a student shall, upon written request, be accorded an appropriate hearing before the final decision concerning his or her continued enrollment at the university.
  3. In emergency situations where there is a foreseeable danger that the student may be harmful to himself or herself or to other individuals, the dean of students may take immediate protective measures including interim suspension or administrative withdrawal. An appropriate hearing to review this action will be scheduled at a later time upon the written request of the student.
  4. When a student is administratively withdrawn under the provisions of this policy, the dean of students may request that the registrar consider awarding the grade of "W" for all courses in which the student is enrolled for that respective semester. 

Guidelines on
Hardship Refunds
Southern Polytechnic State University will evaluate the feasibility of making 100% refunds to students who encounter emergency hardship situations during a term of enrollment. If documented evidence exists to prove that these conditions exist, 100% refunds will be made. Criteria for refund consideration include the following:
  • Death in the immediate family (sibling; spouse; child; parents of self or spouse; legal guardian; or other relatives living in the household, e.g., grandparents).
  • Medical emergency, including accident, serious illness, or non-elective surgery for self or member of the immediate family as defined above.
  • Change in socio-economic conditions resulting in the inability to continue with classes:
    • Loss of job or job transfer
    • Family or child-care dependency crisis
    • Legal action of a non-criminal nature, e.g., divorce, required court appearance, personal or family bankruptcy
    • Other serious situations that prohibit class attendance

Procedures for
Hardship Refunds
Step Procedure
Hardship refund requests are referred to the dean of students. Preliminary assessment is made regarding possible eligibility for a refund. If the basic criteria are satisfied, the requesting party is asked to submit supporting documentation.
The dean of students will confer with the registrar as to the appropriate action. If the request is approved, the dean of students will notify the student and the registrar will process the refund following internal control procedures.
a) Refunds to students on financial aid will be returned to the original financial aid source.
b) The registrar will remove the student's name from the class rolls, and no grades will be awarded for the semester.
If a refund is denied, the dean of students and registrar have the option of withdrawing the student with letter grades of "W." The withdrawal action will be handled consistent with the withdrawal guidelines approved by the Student Status Committee.