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Kenton Fleming

Assistant Professor

       Faculty advisor of the FSAE Student Formula Race Car Team

       Professional affiliation with Formula Society of Automotive Engineers

       PhD in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering, Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi, 1992

       Began at Southern Polytechnic in Fall 2004


        More Information on Academic Background (CV)


Research/ Publications

        Incompressible Navier Stokes Algorithm for Flow and Heat Transfer over Rough Surfaces, AIAA 27th Thermophysics conference, 1992

        An Undergraduate Course in Computer Aided Design and Analysis, Journal of Applied Global Research, Vol2, Issue2, ISBN 1940-1841, 2009

        Global Warming: Science or Ideology, Journal of Information Systems Technology and Planning, Vol2, Issue3, ISBN 1945-5259, 2009


       REBECCA Project Videos and Stills (Right click and "save target as")

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1.REBECCA - Integration with Existing Architechure

2.REBECCA - Blowout diffusion and Hard Kill Cycle at BOP Level

3.REBECCA - Blowout Diffusion Cycle at Near Rig Level

4.REBECCA - Close Up of Open and Close Cycle

5.REBECCA - Used as an emergency well cap


Technical Paper(s)

6.Device to Prevent Blowout Disasters for Offshore Oil Rigs




8.REBECCA - disconnecting/ reconnecting with BOP (Plastic Model)

9.Scale Model

10.REBECCA - Prototype (Still)

11.Prototype Well Test

12.Prototype REBECCA Test


14.TV News Coverage


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Spring 2012 SCHEDULE:

     Manufacturing Processes Lab II (MET 2322)

     Engineering Graphics I (ENGR 1211)

     Engineering Graphics II (ENGR 1212)

     Surface Modeling

     Computer Aided Engineering

     Computer Aided Engineering (summer schedule)






Courses taught at SPSU:

       Engineering Graphics I & II (ENGR 1211 & 1212)

       Computer Aided Engineering (MET 4903)

       Manufacturing Processes (MET 1311)

       Manufacturing Processes Lab II (MET 2322)

Courses taught at Mississippi State University

       Engineering Statics

       Physics Laboratory.

       Engineering Design Laboratory,


       Judging for Georgia BEST robotic competition

       FSAE Competition event