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J.  A.   Ziegler

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greenyellowbullet.gif (267 bytes)  Title: Professor                                                                                       MAKING A START WITH MAPLE (INTRODUCTION)
                                                                                                                Course Files (Including Maple Worksheets)
                                                                                                                Two and Three Intersecting Cylinders
                                                                                                                 COURSE SYLLABI
                                                                                                                Maple Illustrations for Vector and Multivariable Calculus
greenyellowbullet.gif (267 bytes)  Education:  Ph.D., Trinity College, Dublin.                                                  Selected Maple Graphics and Animations for Calculus
                    M.Sc., Oxford University                                                          Maple Illustrations of Iterated Integrals
                    M.S.,  Georgia Institute of Technology                                      Selected Maple Illustrations for Calculus
                    B.S.,   Georgia Institute of Technology                                      Selected Maple Illustrations for Undergraduate Analysis
                                                                                                                                             Coloring the Fool's Cap with Maple
                                                                                                                                            Selected Topics from Algebra, Trigonometry, and Logic with Maple

Contact Information:

greenyellowbullet.gif (267 bytes)  E-mail: jziegler@spsu.edu

greenyellowbullet.gif (267 bytes)  Mailing Address:

Mathematics Department
Southern Polytechnic State University
1100 S. Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060-2896
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