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Email/Network ID Account Setup

Students need to set the password for their SPSU Network ID before they can log into many of the campus computer labs. This can be done in "The Workshop", located in H243, or from any computer with an internet connection and web browser. All students have a SPSU email address generated by the Registrar's Office when they first enroll in courses via BANNER. In order to set the initial password for their email accounts they need to:

1) Go to the web page: (from any computer with an Internet connection)

2) Select option 1, "I am a student"

3) Select option 2, "I would like to create a password for my new campus network account."

4) Read the Campus Acceptable Usage policy and click "I have read and accept the preceding policies and laws"

5) Enter their University ID number and PIN (The same numbers they use for BANNER) and enter their new password


E-mail Account

You can check your e-mail at For your username, only enter your user ID, not And enter your password as well. For example, John Doe would enter:

User Name: jdoe
Password: **********

Please remember to delete old or unwanted messages. Students have a limit of 4 Megabytes of space. If you exceed your quota, you will stop receiving mail until you have made more space for it! There is also a 2M size limit to sending and receiving mail. If you send a message over 2M your account might become locked. If the web mail client reports you are over quota but will not allow you to delete any messages take the following actions to correct the problem:
  1. Log into the web mail client at
  2. Click on the "Options" link at the top of the page
  3. Click on the "Folder Preferences" link
  4. The first dropdown box should be changed to read "Do not use Trash"
  5. Click on the "Submit" button
  6. Delete any unwanted mail
  7. Repeat above steps and set "Folder Preferences" back to "Trash"
What is happening is that when you delete something, it is first making a copy in your "Trash" folder, but since you are over the quota it cannot complete the operation. By changing the above setting, deleted messages will not be saved into the "Trash" folder. After you have deleted enough messages to make room for new ones, you can set it back to save deleted messages to the "Trash" folder. Remember to clear your "Trash" folder out often. If you still continue to have problems, please see a student assistant in the Workshop's General Use Lab for more help.

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