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Power Systems



Q 253



Summer 2012



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ECET 1000 Orientation


ECET 3400 Data Communications


ECET 4510 Power System Analysis





                             Other Courses Taught


ECET 1011 Fundamentals


ECET 1200 Digital I


ECET 2800 Introduction to Telecommunications


ECET 3000 Electrical Principles


ECET 3810 Applications of C++, Java, and HTML


ECET 3904 Electric Drives


ECET 4540 Introduction to Power Electronics


ECET 4610 Control Systems 


ECET 4830 Telecommunications Management





                             *Kewel* Stuff


                                    Large Hadron Collider or the Ultimate Doomsday Device?


                                    Why 60 Hz, 220/110 V?


                                    What’s so Cool About Lasers?


                                    Be Cool to the Pizza Dude


                                    Coolest Non-Profit Organization


                                    Cool Music


                                    Coolest Car in the World


                                    Coolest School


                                    Next Coolest School


                                    Next, Next Coolest School


                                    And, Where I Go To School Now


                                    Coolest Mascot


                                    Coolest Radio Station


                                    Coolest Commercial(s)


                                    Coolest Friends in the World


                                    Coolest Presidential Candidate


                                    Coolest New Song


Horny the Hornet