2003-2004 General Catalog
Residential University in the University System of Georgia

Lisa A Rossbacher, President

1100 South Marietta Parkway  Marietta, Georgia 30060-2896

Southern Polytechnic is a special-purpose institution in the University System of Georgia, with about 3600 students. We have a unique, statewide mission to offer bachelors' and masters' degrees and continuing professional development in science, engineering, technology, and related fields. We focus on how to apply knowledge and to use technology to solve real problems and contribute to Georgia’s economic development. We attract outstanding students, whose entering SAT scores are among the three highest in the University System (along with Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia). Employers love hiring our graduates because they are well prepared for the workforce.

Table of Contents

2003-2004 Academic Calendar

General Information
Directory of Correspondence, For Your Information, About This Catalog, Student Rules and Regulations, Responsibility for Notices, University Police and Crime Statistics, Accreditation, Programs of Study, Certificates, Mission Statement, Visitors to the Campus, Directions to Campus, Map of Campus

Prospective Student Information
Admissions Information, Admission Procedures and Deadlines, Admission from High School, Regular Freshman Admission Standards (Full Admission), Limited Freshman Admission Standards, Alternatives for Home Schooled Applicants and for Others, Joint Enrollment/Early Admission/Post-Secondary Options, Advanced Placement Opportunities, Admission from Other Colleges, Transfer Admissions, The Award of Transfer Credit, Special Admission Categories, Regent Engineering Transfer Program (RETP), International Students, Graduate School Admissions, Graduate Certificate Program Admission Requirements

Financial Information
Student Fees, Fee Payment, Cancellation of Registration, Advanced Registration, Regular Registration, Delinquent Accounts, Refund of Fees and Charges, Vehicle Parking Fee, Academic Credit by Examination, Graduation Fee, International Student Health Insurance, Regents' Requirement for Georgia Residence Classification, Students Sixty-two Years of Age or Older

Financial Aid Information
Purpose and Philosophy

General Student Information
The ATTIC, Extended University, The University Honors Program, Honor Society, The Library, Registration for Professional Engineer, Commuter Services, University Police

Student Affairs
Emergency Locator Service, Student Housing, Student Health Services, Career and Counseling Center, The Student Center, The Bookstore, The Post Office, Athletics and Recreational Sports

Academic Regulations
Attendance Regulations, Credit for Duplicate Courses or Dual Credit, Auditing Classes, Maximum Credit Hours, Withdrawal From Classes, Progress Reports, Disruptive Behavior and Academic Dishonesty, Grading System, Cumulative Grade Point Average, Grade Changes, Repeat Courses, Credit by Examination, Credit for Courses Completed More than Ten Years Prior to Graduation, Classification of Students, Continuous Enrollment, Academic Standing, Academic Renewal, Regents' Testing Program, Graduation Requirements, Certificate Programs, Exceptions to Academic Regulations

Administrative Procedures
Administrative Changes, Change of Major, Removal of Previous Major Courses, Transcript Request, Transient Authorization, Cross Registration, Appeals Procedure, Student Records

Curriculum and Programs of Study
The University System of Georgia Core Curriculum, School of Architecture, Civil Engineering Technology, and Construction, School of Arts and Sciences, School of Computing and Software Engineering, School of Engineering Technology and Management, Minors

Graduate Programs
Programs, Construction, Technical and Professional Communication, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Engineering Technology: Electrical Concentration, Management, Quality Assurance

Course Decriptions
Accounting, Accounting Graduate, Anthropology, Apparel/Textile Engineering Technology, Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Computer Science Graduate, Construction, Construction Graduate, Design Foundation, Economics, Electrical and Computer Engineering Tech, Electrical and Computer Eng Tech Graduate, Engineering Graphics, English, Ethnic Studies, Finance Graduate, French, Geography, German, History, Humanities, Industrial Engineering Technology, Information Technology, Information Technology Graduate, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Management, Management Graduate, Management Information Systems, Management Information Systems Graduate, Marketing, Marketing Graduate, Modern Foreign Language, Operations Management, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Quality Assurance, Regents’ Remedial Courses, Religion, Social and International Studies, Social Science, Spanish, Speech, Science, Technology, Society, Software Engineering, Software Engineering Graduate, Surveying and Mapping, Technical and Professional Communication, Technical and Prof Communication Graduate

Senior Administration & Faculty
Senior Administration, Faculty of the School of Architecture, Civil Engineering Technology, and Construction, Faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of the School of Computing and Software Engineering, Faculty of the School of Engineering Technology and Management, Library Faculty

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