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SPSU provides a number of testing services that you may need. The following tests are given at SPSU at no charge to the individual:

Math Advisory Test (MAT)
The math test is given to all students to determine the level of math placement at SPSU. the test consists of college algebra and precalculus. MAT scores will determine the appropriate stating point in SPSU's math sequence. Students must obtain MAT scores and realize that they are important. Scores can be obtained from the academic advisor or departmental representative during an advising session. they may also be obtained from the Testing Director.

Placement is based on the following scale:

If your MAT score is                           Then your suggested placement is
    23 or lower on MAT 1 + 2                                Math 1111 - College Algebra
    24 or higher on MAT 1 + 2                               Math 1113 - Precalculus
    26 or higher on MAT 1 + 2 and                         Math 2253 - Calculus or
      8 or higher on MAT 3                                     Math 2240 - Elements of Calculus

Students are eligible to take any math course at SPSU for which they have met all prerequisites. However, if students have been awarded credit from SPSU that allows them to register for a math course higher than the suggested placement, they should understand that the math scores indicate that they may need additional assistance to be successful in the course. The ATTIC and Math HELP Sessions offer free help for students seeking additional assistance.

Regents' Test

Effective August, 2010, SPSU has been exmepted from administering the Regents' Test and will no longer give this test.



Certain students may need to take the COMPASS test, as determined by the Admissions Office. Students who are directed to take the COMPASS  test  should contact the ATTIC (678-915-7903) to schedule a test time and date. Students need to bring their  Admission's letter,  picture identification, and the  fee for the test.

Other Tests: Links

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Students may also wish to visit the following site for practice tests:


Jon Lindsay
The ATTIC, Building A (Student Center)

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