Academic Leadership Council Minutes

H 203

March 2, 2011


NOTE:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in meetings be excluded from these minutes.


ALC MEMBERS:  Robert Glenn Allen, Austin Asgill, Tom Ball, Bill Barnes, Richard Bennett, Renee Butler, David Caudill, Lance Crimm, Tom Currin, Venu Dasigi, Ameen Farooq, Alan Gabrielli, Steven Hamrick, Bob Homer, Ruston Hunt, Sonny Kim, Andrew McMorran, Joyce Mills, Julie Newell, Mark Nunes, Ilseok Oh, Jeff Orr, Nikki Palamiotis, Phil Patterson, Dawn Ramsey, Jeffrey Ray, Nancy Reichert, Han Reichgelt, Ronny Richardson, Richard Ruhala, Becky Rutherfoord, Khalid Siddiqi, Denise Stover, John Sweigart, Zvi Szafran, Andy Wang, and Tim Zeigler


MEMBERS ABSENT:   Dawn Ramsey, Denise Stover


GUESTS:   Pam Frinzi, Bill Prigge



Item 1.  Updates


Dr. Szafran introduced Bill Prigge, our new Vice President for Business and Finance.


Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following:





Item 2.  Evaluation of Part-time and Temporary Faculty


Dr. Szafran reviewed the evaluation form for part-time and temporary faculty and asked the chairs for feedback.  Some comments/concerns from the Council were:




Item 3.  Comprehensive Program Review


Bob Homer gave a brief update and passed out a handout of what the reviewers will be looking for.  Dr. Szafran sent out a link last year to the current reviews and the timeline of when they are due for the chairs to review.  He stated that a professional body accreditation review can be used as long as all questions are answered in the review.  It was stated that the P&P is not clear about how the reports get from the department to Bob Homer to be posted.  Szafran stated they should be sent directly to Bob.  Szafran will go over the P&P and send it out to the Council for review and finalization.



Item 4. Honors SPSU 1001 Questionnaire


Because of some Honors cohort issues, Nancy Reichert distributed and asked the Council members to fill out a questionnaire about how they will be incorporating SPSU 1001 into their programs.



Item 5.  New Business




Meeting adjourned at 4:00 P.M.