Academic Leadership Council Minutes

Ballroom A - 2:00 PM

September 8, 2010


NOTE:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in meetings be excluded from these minutes.


ALC MEMBERS:  Robert Glenn Allen, Austin Asgill, Tom Ball, Bill Barnes, Richard Bennett, Renee Butler, David Caudill, Lance Crimm, Tom Currin, Venu Dasigi, Ameen Farooq, Alan Gabrielli, Steven Hamrick, Bob Homer, Ruston Hunt, Sonny Kim, Andrew McMorran, Joyce Mills, Julie Newell, Mark Nunes, Ilseok Oh, Jeff Orr, Nikki Palamiotis, Phil Patterson, Dawn Ramsey, Jeffrey Ray, Nancy Reichert, Han Reichgelt, Ronny Richardson, Richard Ruhala, Becky Rutherfoord, Khalid Siddiqi, Denise Stover, John Sweigart, Zvi Szafran, Andy Wang, and Tim Zeigler


MEMBERS ABSENT:   Ruston Hunt, Jeff Ray


GUESTS:   Pam Frinzi, Diane Payne, George Stickel, Mark Sugalski



Item 1.  Updates


Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following:




Item 2. Start Up Issues


Szafran asked if there were any start-up issues this semester that he should be aware of and received the following comments:




Item 3.  Paper Free Process


Szafran announced that he and Ron Koger will be looking at document imaging systems for the campus to help reduce paper on campus.  He had hoped that changing the reappointment process would help eliminate excess paper but not all departments took advantage of the new process and many of the packets that were submitted were extremely thick.  He asked the Council for any concerns they may have in moving in the direction of document imaging.  Security and access to documents for individuals outside campus were the only ones. Han Reichgelt is working on outcomes for a document imaging system before we decide to purchase one.  Any additional concerns should be sent to Dr. Szafran.



Item 4.  Faculty Evaluation


The Deans Council voted recently to request the Faculty Senate establish an ad hoc committee to review the instrument used to evaluate faculty each semester and generate an evaluation form that can be used online.  Currently, the SIRs II form we are using is costly, the results are often not back in time for inclusion in faculty reappointment packets, etc., and many times unusable due to student errors.  Szafran distributed the draft submitted to Pam Frinzi and asked for feedback.  Compliance by students seemed to be the only concern so Dr. Szafran assured the Council that steps will be taken to assure students complete the evaluation.  Further, Bob Homer talked about the software that could be used and that it is extremely versatile and flexible.  Pam will put this on the Faculty Senate agenda for pilot implementation in Spring Semester, 2011.



Item 5.  Academic Integrity Draft Policy


Dr. Szafran announced that the Academic Integrity draft policy is almost complete and includes guidelines for faculty as well.  He distributed the policy and asked for comments from the ALC.  After a brief discussion on a couple of concerns, Szafran asked the Council to send issues or comments to him.  Once implemented, the committee will monitor the policy and make any adjustments necessary before creating a permanent policy and procedure.  Szafran stated that the committee meets every other Friday and all are welcome to attend or send email concerns to him or any committee member.



Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM.